weekend wrap-up

Involvement: Our volunteer team is growing each week thanks to our new team organization and the Efforts of Jessica Collins. More volunteers and youth workers help to build momentum in many ways. More details are taken care of, more youth are greeted, and there is more life in our lobby and chapel. This week required all hands on deck because of the large amount of teenagers we had and the task we had them do. We had a large assembly line of youth and they made sack lunches for later distribution. Altogether, they made over 175 lunches! Way to go team!

Worship: We decided to make offering less of its own segment and more a part of our worship set. We're feeling like it's good to teach young people that worship is more than merely singing songs. Our whole life is an act of worship, including giving.

Lesson: I haven't seen how long it was yet, but we wanted it shorter than usual since we were taking a large portion of the service to make lunches.

Overall: It was fun to see their reaction when we announced that they helped to feed over 150 people!

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