I have a tumblr. now.

For the past year or so, I've toyed around with the idea of starting a tumblr. blog.

I like the idea of posting more than twitter, but less content than here. If I can work out a way to post on both I will likely do that, but for now, I've been posting there.

The newest posts are quotes from class content I've been reading. I hope you enjoy!

Click here for my tumblr.


What is a Missional Church anyway?

I've been posting a lot about Missional Church lately. Here's a little bit of clarification about this model I'm strongly resonating with.


A thought I can't shake...

While listening to a lecture in my youth ministry evangelism course, a short rabbit trail stuck out to me about who our neighbors and friends are.
"When little kids in gym class are told to grab a friend, they reach for the kid's hand right next to them. Teenagers and adults often look around the room and ignore the person right next to them."- Chap Clark
I do the same thing. I hadn't realized how the messages I received from my culture pressured me to ignore my neighbor. At my darkest I look to partner with people who can give me something or promote me or make me feel good. I don't have any profound things to add to that quote, just the image of children in some PE class grabbing their neighbors hand.

What kind of world would this be if we took to heart this notion of friendship? How would we treat our neighbors? our coworkers? our family?


What Will Consume you?

     Our cohort is taking a look at the impact of economics on culture. Of our reading material, I was so interested in the concept of consumption. What consumes you and what do you consume? I appreciate the potential Christians have to speak to this issue. Check out these videos. 

What challenges you about the concept of our consumer culture? 

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