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Disclaimer: Last Friday I promised a hi - 5 list of my favorite beards. I was not able to get them all up because Marie and I received a visit from my Dad, his wonderful wife Jane and my two youngest sisters. Needless to say, the beard list went to the back burner. However, I do not like to break my word. Without further ado...bring on the beards!

Introduction: I've had a beard since 2002. In all, I think there's been a total of 3 weeks since then that my face has shown its self sans beard. Many beards throughout the 80's, 90's, and millennium inspired my own facial growth. Here are the 5 most inspiring.

5. Honest Abe starts off our list of famous beards. As a native of Illinois, I had to include this man. One can't help but wonder what this beard would say if it could talk. How many times was it stroked as President Lincoln pondered the civil war or penned the Gettysburg address? We may never know the answers, but we can pay tribute to a beard that needed no mustache.

4. Ozzie Smith's Beard grayed in recent years, but it's no less impressive. It gave him the power to do back flips and be the most amazing shortstop ever. His beard first put the idea in my head to one day grow my own. He was my hero growing up. I still have my Ozzie Smith model baseball glove. I think it's the last glove I'll ever use!

3. Even though my roots are in the southwest and I was raised on the east coast, I cannot deny my burgeoning status as a bonafied Texan. Though my zeal for this republic quickly wains beyond the Austin City Limits. I would be remissed if I didn't bring up the greatest red beard of all time. That patch of facial hair belongs to Chuck Norris. He's inspired his own cult following and is arguably more popular than he's ever been. As you gaze on this photo please sing the Walker Texas Ranger theme song. "When the eyes of the Ranger are upon you..."

2. We're more than half way done, but we're going back to the 80's to find our next beard on the hi-5 list. I chose Mr. T's beard because it actually connects to a line on the side of his head and merges in with a sweet mo hawk. It's absolutely brilliant. Mr. T is the innovator of beard swagger. With his confidence and demeanor he could pull off almost any style of beard. I pity the fool who doesn't like this beard.

1. Drum roll please. At number one, we have Moses' beard as sported by Charlton Heston. This was a tough one for me because as far as biblical beards go, I feel that Jesus' beard has to be the best, but I think his divinity is an unfair advantage and is possibly why his beard is so well groomed in all his portrayals. So, Moses is at the top of my list. "Let my people go!" The Torah isn't the only thing Moses gave us. That's one impressive beard.

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