why i'm greatful for my boss.

Today was evaluation day for lift student ministries and I had to go in for my six month review with the big kahuna, the grand pooh-bah of lift. I'll tell you why I appreciated today's meeting.

  • one of the most common things I hear from other youth pastor's is that they wish some one would mentor/disciple/develop them. Ben does that for me...which is tricky since we started out as friends and have transitioned to a boss-employee relationship.
  • Not only does he see my blind spots, but he loves me enough to tell me (gently even though it still hurts) where I can improve and manage AROUND my weaknesses.
  • He's got some one over him developing/discipling him.
  • He fights against the Michael Scott tenancies that tempt people who manage their friends at work. I think I would fight that vibe if I had to manage employees
I feel a little bit weird writing this because I don't want to sound like I'm kissing up, but I really wanted to get this down. I realize that I'm lucky to be in an organization/church that cares about developing it's people.

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