The Downward Ascent

There are profound moments in our lives when we make a choice to stay where we are or to take it up to another level. It is really nice to have people in our lives that will lovingly kick us around when we have settled for stagnation and comfort.

G-d wants us to be more than professional ministers, business people, or whatever our title is. He wants our souls and he wants us. When we think that life is about us, when our jobs are about us, or our marriages are about us then we have missed the point. Compared to G-d we are not as big of a deal as we think we are. What makes us special is G-d thinking we are special.

Even the most beautiful thing on earth is nothing when compared to G-d's beauty. The wisest person in history is a fool compared with G-d's wisdom. Who am I to want to look good, to be appreciated, or to 'perform' well at work? If what I do is motivated by a desire to make G-d look good, then He has a chance to really do something with it. In "The Cloud of Unknowing" it says that one split second of pure love for G-d can be better than a lifetime of toil in G-d's service because our ways are not G-d's ways. The best thing we can do is ask G-d to help us love Him more and give ourselves to His mission whole heartedly.

Once your inside world is strait, your thoughts and emotions fixed on G-d, everything else that used to be so important fades into second place.

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