Incredible Hulk

Last night was guys night and we went to eat big beefy burgers at Fuddrucker's and caught a movie afterwards. I can't remember the last time I saw a popcorn flick/action movie. I did see Narnia last month, but I wouldn't put that in the same category.

I appreciated the film's exposition / credits. It gave people like me enough information to hit the ground running, and I appreciated not being punished for not growing up reading comic books.

Ed Norton was the star of the movie and I think his acting carried the movie and made me care about what happened to his character. The story was good enough, perhaps better than most comic book movies and the action scenes didn't disappoint me at all.

I like the theme of having something inside of ourselves that we cannot control. Every person struggles with that to some degree. Some of us are slaves to rage, anger, pride, lust, or any other shortcoming. It's never clear if Bruce Banner (thanks Solomon) is in charge of the Hulk or if the Hulk is in charge of the Hulk, but we all know what it is like to boil with rage at something or some one.

In my experience, I cannot control these things and have to look to something outside of my self and bigger than me. The Hulk needed the love of his life to sooth him and remind him of who he really was, Bruce Bannister. I need G-d in my life to remind me who I really am, even in the midst of my worst temptations and trials.


Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

Number one.

Number 2: I'm in Colorado right now, so pray for my trip.

Number 3; It's not Bannister, it's Banner. I'm sorry, I just found it funny that you said that.

Mike Collins said...


#1 you should see that movie! - if you still haven't by the time you get back, i'll take you and some other fellas if you want.

#2 i will certainly pray for your trip and already have been! :)

#3 any coaching on comic book character names is welcomed as is proofreading my spelling and grammar!

- much love brotha!

Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

i saw hulk last night. it kicked so much butt. i'm definitely seeing that again.

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