Shoreline East

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Our team just finished ministering at shoreline east, our church campus in the midst of many homeless and section 8 communities. It is always an honor to be close to people God loves so much!

Today Pierre and Skip (the mustache guys) lead worship songs, Angelica did a great job teaching (she is our director of our south campus youth ministry), and Rudie shared about being a single mom and in high school. She was SO powerful and the guests really connected with her.

The creative element for todays service had a schedule conflict so I filled in with a lip sync from a Whitney Huston song, "Nowhere To Run" I can't quite understand why me taking my shirt off in front of homeless people can be used by God, but it seems to bless. Can't wait for next time. Looking forward...

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Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

you did that whitney houston thing AGAIN? I remember the last time you did that. That was your anniversary, right? I think I had only been in Texas for less than two months. I won't forget the look on everyone's faces when you ripped your shirt off. Wow.

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