Gadgets that are helping with youth ministry

Here are a list of programs, apps, and gadgets that I've been using for youth ministry lately. I hope they help you too.

Do you do presentations for your sermons? I like to, but Power Point gets so old.

  • Check out Prezi, it's great. I love the nonlinear style of presentation as the "camera" pans across the canvas. It's free, and even more free if you have an .edu e-mail address.

  • I also discovered Keynote furring my Fuller classes. It made a little bit more sense to me than power point. The animations are pretty sweet as well.

  • Another good option is slide rocket. This, like Prezi is a web based presentation software. I really like the google app for it. 

  • Finally, this note taking software coupled with the getting things done method is making sense of my life. For anyone who is spinning a lot of plates, I highly suggest Evernote. It syncs across computer and laptop formats and can be organized through a tagging system instead of folders, which I prefer. Another great thing about this powerful tool is the price: FREE!

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