Why did I ever swear off of Christian TV?

I've been studying and writing papers for class quite a bit lately, but I've a lot of content saved up. So, get read for a blog burst in the next few days! I thought I'd share a video sent to my by one of our youth workers here at Shoreline. After you watch this, you might be able to explain to me why I haven't watched Christian TV stations for years. :-) Enjoy!


The Hanique's said...

Wow, I had no idea stuff like this ever got broadcasted!

Peter said...

Jesus saves some people from lives of sex, drugs and rock n roll. Not me.

Jesus saved me from this.

Mike Collins said...

@theHaniques, yes sister. Unfortunately it was.

@Peter, I'm with you bro!

God's Girl said...

That is why when my mom turns on Christian TV, I fall asleep and have nightmares!

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