Night Recap and Day Preview

We'll probably only be able to live blog our mission trip once or twice a day due to the lack of cell phone signal, but that's a good thing. Our youth have connected with each other and the other missionaries so well.

I heard two sophomores (Joseph Rodriguez & Jonathan Niere) favorably compare this work camp to our summer camp! Our afternoon consisted of team building, praise & worship, a delicious dinner, getting our home repair project details, meeting our work groups (churches are mixed in groups of 5 or 6), job assignments, and youth group devotions.
From our evening debrief, we could tell that our youth & young adults are here for the right reasons, they are hungry to unveil God's love, and that they are willing to challenge themselves!
We'll work from 8-3 at our sites and then regroup for tomorrow. Time to get our tools ready!

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Thanks for all the updates. Tell Grace I said hi. Andy Wall

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