Missions Trip

Saturday night, at 11:59 PM we will pull away from our church in a bus headed for Mescalero, New Mexico. We'll be there for a week long mission trip to serve the Apache Indian Nation with several work projects.

Historically, Indian reservations represent injustice and deep resentment toward the harsh and unfair treatment Native American's endured at the hands of European settlers. Our prayer is that we can be a part of healing these very old wounds. What an honor.

We're going with the Group Work Camps organization. I've been impressed with their logistics. They've told us exactly what to bring, what to tell our kids, and what to expect out of the week. This trip is an answer to prayer.

I don't have a ton of construction experience outside of Stagecraft in Technical Theatre class.  Can you imagine me managing a construction site? This should be really interesting. I'll post from my phone next week, so please be gracious with grammar and spelling errors due to the small screen.

Here are some of the activities we'll do next week:

  • roofing
  • building handicap access ramps
  • painting
  • drywall
  • morning and night meetings
  • and probably much more!

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