jhi weekend wrap-up

Lesson Length: 25 min. Topic was Ecclesiastes 12:1 "Remember your creator in the days of your youth.." We've not taught on that scripture since I've been at Shoreline. It was well received. We concentrated on the Hebrew concept of Remembering.

Music: Above Average. Kathryn Ball had her band ready to go. We've had a full band for a few consecutive months and it's really helped us to accomplish a lot with our services in the area of making the young people feel comfortable in our environment. Great job volunteers.
Tech: Sunday was the last day for two of our precious volunteers Israel and Barbara Galaviz. They have anchored our tech crew for the past 3+ years. They built a team that will continue to serve long after they are gone, to their credit. They will be deeply missed.
Attendance: Just Below Average. We used a new seating arrangement in the chapel. I stand in the middle of the room and the kids sit around me. This accomplishes a few things. There are only three rows deep on any side, so no one can go under the radar. Games and worship are facilitated better because there is more space in the room.
Volunteer Involvement: Below Average.  I guess summer is here and people are vacationing and such. The lower attendance offset this a little bit so we were ok. Its a good reminder to take care of the jhi team. All that being said, I've been the only paid staff at jhi Sunday mornings for quite some time now (several months) and its going better than ever. Yay team! 
Fun Factor: Above Average. We’re doing “Summer ReRuns” just like the TV networks. We’re playing the best games from 09-10 school year. They LOVED it today.
Games Played: Ameba tag as a crowd breaker. 2nd service we played a variation where only the people who were "it" could have their eyes open. Pure genius! My sermon opener was a really cool game where you look at a picture for 15 seconds, I took the pic down, and then asked everyone a question about it. 

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