I just read this "note of encouragement written to Mark Oestreicher regarding his recent transition away from Youth Specialties. As a man, it takes little imagination to empathize with what must be going through his heart and head after this type of thing (I don't know what to call it - fired, resignation - layoff  - dismissal). A few days ago, he got this anonymous letter from a youth worker at a recent convention.


I’m not surprised you got FIRED! It was completely all your fault. You kept Jesus as number one, you were still, you ignored corporate values, you thought small, you were real, you put your family first, and you sought kingdom values. What did you think would happen, you idiot?!?

The sentiment comes through despite some backhanded complements/encouragement. What a typically male form of encouragement right? Marko, for what it's worth I'm proud to have been mentored by your teachings, books, and influence. I hope you find life, hope, and encouragemnt on your whyismarko journey. I also hope to have courage like you when faced with times like this.

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