Closet Tongue Talkers Unite!

Few subjects conjure up strong images and opinions as Speaking in Tongues. I’ve personally found that using my prayer language is incredibly beneficial. That being said, I’ve still had a back and forth/up and down relationship with this aspect of my spiritual journey. If there exists an island for theological misfits, I belong there. I’m fortunate enough to belong to a family with Assemblies of God grandparents, Southern Baptist “Step” Dad, in addition to being raised in a Wesleyan Methodist church and schooled at Oral Roberts University. I’ve heard both ends of the spectrum from people I respect very much. Some say you are less of a Christian if you don’t, some say you are less of a Christian of you do. Of course, neither is true!

I came across this sermon podcast last week and found it to be an incredibly helpful review. Pastor Ed Gungor takes a look at this topic from a gracious perspective. Please give it a listen. It’s not long. Let me know what you think.

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