Things we are responsible for Part II: The Vision

Here's what I wrote to lift's weekly communication to all our lift leaders.

This week we’d like to continue our exploration of what it looks like to be a part of what it means to serve at Shoreline. These are not pronouncements to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and work harder in our own efforts. This is a reminder to surrender to and depend on Christ’s finished work on the cross and to focus so much on the beauty of His love that we cannot help but live a transformed life. We want to interact with you more about these thoughts. You can do so at shoreline.net/lift or liftyoungadults.com. Please click over there and give us your thoughts.

Now for the leadership thought!

Our mission is to unveil God’s love. As those who serve in lift, we are actually responsible for that vision. It's not enough for us to merely get behind it. We must own it. We can’t sit back and wait for Pastor Rob to do the work. It is not enough for us to clap for him when he preaches, and admire how beautiful our mission statement looks written on our screen in weekend services. As leaders, volunteers, youth workers, or whatever we are – WE MUST OWN THE VISION for ourselves. It must bleed into every area of our lives.

So what does that look like?
Please comment and tell us what you think. How do you “unveil God’s love” at work? In Your neighborhood? Campus? In your family?

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