What We Are Responsible For: Part I

As those who own the vision of Shoreline and Pastor Rob and Pastor Laura, we have certain responsibilities. It’s important to remind ourselves of the nuts and bolts of how to carry out their vision of “Unveiling God’s love” to our broken world.

I compiled these ideas over the years from various sources. It’s not the only things we’re to own, but a few great places for us to start.

We’re responsible for :

1.    The spirit of Shoreline- Pastor Rob says all the time, “More things are caught than taught.” I think that is so true and I'd like to highlight someone quickly. Have you observed Oneka at lift? Have you seen the way she treats new visitors? We need to “catch” that idea. You can regularly observe her searching out first time guests, connecting with them, sitting with them in service, and introducing them to others at jhi, lift, and lift young adults…wherever she is.

What if we all did that? What would the tone be like at our lift environments? As leaders and vision bearers at lift, we are responsible for the tone of our gatherings from parking lot to the end of after hours.  Within a couple minutes of exposure to us people need to know shoreline is a place of life, a place they can be themselves, a place where they have value, a connected place (small groups), and so so fun!

Make sure you keep a look out at the lift environment that you serve in for new people or people you don’t know. As leaders it isn’t your responsibility to know every detail about  every person. That being said, it’s not too much to expect that you connect with 5 new people every week. Our challenge to you is to meet 5 people at each meeting you serve at/attend. Exchange phone numbers, facebooks, myspaces, twitters, or house keys…ok maybe not house keys but you get the point. Let’s make lift a place that truly Unveils God’s Love by the way people are valued. Let’s do it! How couldn’t we in light of all Jesus did for us?

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