Lift the City Fall Kickoff: Weekend Review

Fall Kick-off, Super Sunday, Back to School Weekend, whatever you call it that's what we had this weekend at Shoreline. We planned to rearticulate our senior pastor's vision to unveil God's love to our world. We did that by raising money for an orphanage and making cards for patience at Dell Children's hospital.

Feel: We had Alex, one of our Young Adult members of our tech team come in and DJ for us during hangtime and it was so great. Feel is so important to middle school aged youth and Alex made the room feel great with his music. I noticed our teens talking to one another more than usual and there was an overall easiness to the room that made people receptive to the message and to our cause.

Volunteer Involvement: It was fairly good. We have a lot of opportunity to help out in a hands on way during first service on Sunday. We've added some amazing new helpers in both services though. Chris, Donna, Christella, and Latonya have been key players in getting things going in the right direction first and second service. Thanks guys!

Music: We started out our meeting with the band on stage playing live music as our group came in. That felt pretty good too. There was a creative element planned that combined video with live music, but it never synced up quite right. If we do that again I think we'll need to practice it a few times. We didn't have the full band that we are used to, but the youth responded really well to a post worship set altar call.

Overall: I think the most important things that needed to happen did happen. Young people were challenged to look beyond themselves and live for something bigger. They met new friends and were connected with caring adults. We raised a ton of money for the orphanage and the cards our kids made were super cool!

Next Week: Lift the City part 2 - We will talk more about being the church and getting into community. After the teaching we are all making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to give away to Austin's homeless populations through a local shelter. The youth are bringing the supplies to make them with too.
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