hi-5 friday :: best coffees

This is an update from a list of favorite coffee I made 5 years ago, so it is appropriate for hi-5 Friday.

5. Nordaggio's in Tulsa, Oklahoma gets mention on my list for one reason. A latte made by the owner, Tor is something any coffee snob would recognize as genius. 

4. There is a Dunkin' Donuts in Manchester, New Hampshire that makes the best iced coffee in the world. Not all Dunks coffee is created equal. The management and water quality of the franchise are huge factors in the deliciousness of the beverages they make. 

3. A Street side cafe in Paris France- it was on the avenue Champs-Elysées. I thought coffee in France would be higher on the list. The coffee was strong and the atmosphere, unbeatable. This is the cup that got away, because I forgot the name and exact location. C'est triste n'est pas?

2. Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam...It might have something to do with meeting my sister for the first time, but more than sentimental value, this cup of coffee is amazing!!! If you are ever in Amsterdam and want this cup of coffee, the Hilton is on Apollo Laan.

1. Koffee Kan - Koriyama Japan...surprising but seriously THE best. They serve you a whole pot (actually 3 cups...but in Japanese English, they call it a pot). The presentation is in a beaker warmed by a flame. Marie says that the best part was the heavy cream they brought with it! Add in some Sheenamon and Honey Toast and this is a treat that I'd confidently put up against anywhere else in the world.

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The Hanique's said...

That's right! Never underestimate a cup of Dutch coffee :)

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