Doug Fields often says, “leaders are learners.” That’s the subject of this week’s leadership thought. Mature people intentionally nourish their souls. They take time to listen to G-d’s voice in many ways, community, books, sermons, quiet times, and even play. Here’s a short list, in no particular order of my soul feeders. What are yours?
  • Running with a music or sermon podcast on. It’s not a particularly ancient discipline, but it works for me. It’s great to get outside, get   exercise, and also listen to challenging thoughts.
  • Did I mention Podcasts? I know I did. They are a fire hose of information ready for you from Pastors, leaders, colleges, and seminaries that will nourish your soul.
  • Study Bibles – Carlos in Shoreline’s Bookstore can set you up with a nice bible to dig into. 
  • Google. If you have a question about the Bible or want to find an online devotional reading, google one. You need to be careful to test what you read, because posting something on the Internet doesn’t make it true, however this is a valuable resource for devotions and teaching. Try it!
  • www.followtherabbi.com  – I love this website. I get lost on there. I just love reading about Jesus.
  • www.sacredspace.ie - ever done an Ignatian Examine? This is a sweet place to have a quiet time. The site tells you what to do, prepares the scripture for you and even has help buttons along the way. 
  • The Hinges of History Series by Thomas Cahill – Particularly The Gifts of the Jews, and The Desire for Everlasting Hills for profound insights on our faith and the people we come from. 
  • My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers is a classic devotional book that will challenge you to depend more on G-d, surrender more of your life to Jesus, and focus your heart mind and soul on His glory. Online Versions available. Google it!

  • Shoreline’s podcasts. Have you guessed that I learn audibly yet? For me, this is a great place to feed myself because I’m usually teaching the lesson in the middle school aged service. I can still take part in “grown-up” worship and conversations in my church community.
  • www.relevantmagazine.com This site is fantastic. God. Life. Pop Culture. Great devotionals and a chance to interact with other people’s journey of faith. Try it!
    So that’s my not-so-official feeding spots. What stirs your soul? Comment below!


    Michael said...

    loved 'utmost'. excellent and though provoking. read it back in high school

    The Hanique's said...

    I'm not so disciplined to go search for food for my soul. But I do learn from others who post stuff on blogs, like you.

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