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It's been a while, but I will give blogging another chance at the encouragement of my friend David Lawrence. We've been doing some reorganizing of our team at shoreline. We structured our people and flow around Pastor Rob's strategy to reach this city. We have four things we put our energy and focus into: connect groups, leadership, serving, and services. I am responsible for the leadership aspect of the lift team.

That means I help out with training volunteers, discipleship, oversee our internship that will launch in January 2010, in addition to supporting the youth ministry. Here is a little encouragement that I sent to our leaders this week. I call them lift leader nuggets. I think it sounds silly. I hope it helps you.

Hi Lift Leaders!

Welcome the weekly lift leadership e-mail. We want to equip you so that you can lead well, so we’ll be sharing insights, from an assortment of leadership resources on a weekly basis. Ready? Here we go.

Today, I read a blog by Chuck Bomar about leadership and it got me thinking about the lifestyle of a leader.

If you are getting this e-mail you most likely want to live for something bigger than yourself. G-d has given you dreams and visions about His work in you and through you. However, if we are not careful we can make these things about us. We can get swept up in the business of everyday life. Along the way we can forget to take time for what’s important. We can forget to listen. To G-d and others.

This week, as you dream, toil, and share may you have the wisdom to still your heart, turn down the volume in your life and listen to the voice of Jesus and lead from that place.

We love serving with you!!!

In grace,
The Lift Staff

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The Hanique's said...

Yeah! You're back! Thanks for sharing again. Love you!

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