John 15 Thoughts

This morning I read from John 15. For the past four years I've been fascinated by the idea of "living in" Him (Jesus). The more I move away from a faith that keeps a running tally on personal failures or puffed up good deeds, the more I trust that I am connected to Christ the true vine. I trust that I am being made into the same kind of thing he is. I trust that Jesus is making me into the kind of person that does good natrually, without forthought or afterthoght.

The second thing I noticed about this passage is that I can be God's friend. On a weekly basis I resist this idea in some form because it is so difficult for some people to understand the holiness of G-d and to respect it. For example, last week I was walking through our sanctuary and notice a pile of toenail clippings some one made during our pastor's sermon. And some say teenagers are disrespectful...

After all these sorts of behaviors, Jesus is not put off by humankind. In fact He teaches us everything he learned from the father.

Dear Jesus, may we  as a Church always stay connected to you and receive life from that connection. You promised you would make us into new creations and that somehow we would be more like wou. Would you make that true for your Church and for me? -Amen.

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