Big Meeting Update

So we had a meeting on Wednesday to iron out some changes in the way our department runs. I was very excited going into this because everything is on the table. What I do, who I work with, how we do ministry. I love to shake things up. The decision has been made to combine the Youth department with the Young Adults/Singles department at our church. We will continue meeting the rest of this year to figure out what we will launch in Jan of 09. Here is an excerpt from Pastor Earl (possibly my new boss) to the staff of shoreline:

We are excited about all the possibilities of these two strong teams working together to unveil God's love to the Youth and Young Adults/Singles of Shoreline and the Austin community. We are merging these two teams because we feel the skill sets of all the individuals will be fully maximized as we all minister to junior high, high school, and young adults together. We will no longer be two separate departments. We will be one, unified department unveiling God's love to the junior high, high school, and young adults/singles population of Austin.

That's all I know now. More details as they come.

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