Giving Birth: female machismo

Marie really wants to have a natural birth and as a man that is biologically incapable of giving birth, I totally support her. I want her and our daughter to have the birth that she wants. Over the past few months, I've noticed something disturbing. People, women in particular love to scare other women about giving birth.

Its a sick macho ritual that women go through. It hurts my heart to see the way that people treat at Marie and the way they talk to us when we dream about the birth we are expecting. Its as if something makes them enjoy trying to burst our naïve perceptions of child birth.

So if you have anything positive to say about this topic I welcome your comments and encouragements.

If you want to tell your war story about birth just to seem tough, the find some one else to scare.


stephanie said...

even though we aren't having kids yet, i am totally with you. i try not to listen to all the stories because as horrific is it must have been for them, i don't want those crazy stories coming up at a later date... like when i'm giving birth! my mom had her last four naturally. two were at home, with a midwife and the last two were at home with just her and dad. she had no pain and each experience was amazing (from what she tells us, i wasn't there!). i've met a few people from our generation who have done amazing things but i hope to meet more. and i'll be praying for you, your wifey and baby. blessings!

Blissful Nikki said...

Hey Pastor Mike! My name is Nikki and I go to shoreline. I had a natural birth with my daughter, and though scary at first, I wouldnt have it any other way. The birth was amazing and really set a bond for me and my daughter. Tell Marie that God is holding her hand the whole way and she can most definatly have an amazing natural birth. She will be so happy that she did. One thing I would suggest for her to buy is a yoga ball. You lean it up against a wall and move your back, back and forth on it to comfort your lower back during contractions! Its an awesome tool!! :)

God bless you both, and the whole Shoreline family can not wait to welcome your beautiful daughter! :)

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