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Ok, I'm just gong to put all my cards on the table here. A few months ago I realized that when our church opened the new children's building, there would be a void of space in our new building. I wanted to bring our middle school students to the main building. I figured if we can't have our 6-8 graders in with the adults, then we could at least be under the same roof. I asked for the space and our pastor gave it to us. I asked for a budget to make it junior high friendly...our pastor approved the WHOLE thing. The truth is, I shot for the moon with the budget and put down my dream list for what tools we would need to do junior high ministry.

I find myself in a awkward position that few junior high pastors find themselves in. I work in a church community that LOVES teenagers. I don't have the luxury of complaining or passing the buck, or blaming things on my leadership. My challenge is not thinking of how I can convince my pastor that I'm more than a baby sitter. I need to figure out how to lead the WHOLE congregation in ministry to young teenagers and their families.

I know shoreline is not perfect, but I don't take being here and being discipled by MULTIPLE people for granted. This is a great place to be.

Now I'm wondering what we need to do the best job of ministering to the middle schoolers of Austin.

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Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

hey. It's Solomon on my iPod touch. I am excited that we're moving, and considering the bug problem over at the sec it'll be an improvement. The jungle's gonna look awesome in september!

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