How I misjudged Joyce Meyer

I'm pretty skeptical of televangelists and politicians. When I found out that Joyce Meyer was going to be speaking at the INTEGRITY Leadership Ministries conference I was a little confused, but I also have a bigger distrust of the media. I thought I'd just listen to her for myself and I was not prepared for what she had to say.

She gave a passionate call to action in the area of social justice. She encouraged local churches to address the CAUSES of poverty, slavery, and the sex trade (human trafficking).

I was prepared for her informal style and some nuggets of wisdom from her many years in the ministry. I didn't think I'd be challenged and moved to act.

I am a fan now...not an uncritical one though. In the future, I will not be as quick to offer my opinions.


Learn to SOAR with Growden said...

Great post Mike...I've taught a lot of apologetic over the years and individuals like Joyce can from time to time be mentioned by the likes of Hank Hanegraaff and even John McArthur. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying from experience. Well anyways, for what its worth I appreciate your insight with her.

I see you're from Austin... "Hook'em Horns!"

blaise said...

Great post Mike! Thanks for sharing.

By the way, I think your pastor came and spoke to our ministry about a year ago (Teen Mania). I think Ron is good friends with Shoreline.

Is that the same "Shoreline" church?

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