What is a soul?

I was just going over some of my old notes from Dallas Willard's Divine Conspiracy and starting thinking about souls again.

If a soul cannot be confined to a specific point in space, where is it and what is it? By confined to time and space I mean that if you cut me open in order to find "me" then you'd have a hard time finding anything but cells, bacteria, and the papasitos fajitas.

The eyes, face, and hands of a person can make us present to another person, but those parts alone do not make up our soul. St. John of the Cross describes the soul as a prisoner to our senses. It is a clean slate drawn on by what we allow into our body and mind.

We all have a soul. It needs to be fed. It needs to be rested. It needs to be connected to G-d.

Those were some thoughts rollin' around in the old head of mine.

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