weekend review

This weekend's services were really fun and they had a good feel to them:

creativity: We tried a different call to worship that worked well even though it was the first time lift was exposed to it. It also seemed like this weekend was full of videos. They all seemed to work well. The videos were a scripture reading with cool graphics, the narnia preview, and an old fresh prince video we edited and used for a sermon intro.

fun: lots of smiles all around, though i feel like our lobby experience is still lacking.
health: We're smaller but healthier these days. Some of our regulars that regularly give us a challenge were really engaged in the song service and i didn't hear a peep out of them during the teaching time.

systems: We had some new kids that had a good time, but I want us to get better at training our regulars and high school leaders to engage the new comers. Also, we have to figure something out for setup. It takes one person an hour to do (me). it takes 2 people 30 minutes and so forth... The problem is getting people to come to set up on either Saturday night or super early Sunday morning. Any takers? :)

leadership: We have some good leaders in our 'pipeline' that I want to get together with this week. Right now it seems like 3 out of 10 new leaders stick. I think the ones that Marie and I really get to know or find a place to serve in stick, and the ones we don't just find other places to serve.

extra: We went to see Narnia yesterday with a ton of our peoples. I was proud at the turnout and even some parents came!!! I was extra proud of that. The movie was great and all of us (about 50-60) gave a standing ovation. I recommend the movie without reservation.

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