the story of stuff

This is another thing I got from Marko, but I thought it was worth putting up here. It is an informative, brilliantly made exploration of where all the stuff we buy comes from, and the effect it has on our planet. I particularly appreciated the tone of it. It was not militaristic or angry. Check it out by clicking on the title of this post.

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Dave said...

watched that at our faith community a few weeks back and loved it. reality checks enable us to materialize positive change in our own lives, then our communities/churches, then our states, nation, and world. i'd like to encourage everyone to get beyond trying to categorize people and hunting/pecking for biases...and just look at the reality of our situation: we have not been good stewards, as God requested of us. Consumerism, environmentalism, global crises, etc. are all spiritual issues. Thanks Mike for posting this.

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