Camp Scouting

I've been at Shoreline for almost three years now and we've been to four different facilities for various camps and retreats.We've yet to find a home that is in our price range, can meet all our program requirements, and is within 1-2hours drive time from our church.

So we keep looking. We've never been to a bad place. All the camps we've used have had pros and cons for our needs, but the staffs have all been great. This year we are going to Heart of Texas Bible Camp for our middle school summer camp.

This camp had all the basics that we need. Enough beds, air conditioning (you'd be surprised at the ones without air in TEXAS!!!), and flexible programming. Last year at high school camp we found out at the last minute that we would not be able to do water games and had to come up with 1 1/2 hours of programming off th top of our heads. Luckily this was for high school and the campers did well with the extra unstructured time. However, we do not want a repeat. So we went today. Check out the link above to see where lift will be August 10-14!


Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

very cool. very, very cool. do you know that I just got half scared to death five minutes ago?

Craig Snedeker said...

What kind of programming?

Mike Collins said...

The progamming we have at camp is basically the schedule of activities for our teenagers. We play tons of games, eat a lot, have some church services and hang out together. It's pretty fun.

joeltriska said...

Despite all the hard work, I totally miss planning camps and retreats. 3 years at Shoreline, eh? Man, that went by fast. I have a buddy who just moved down to New Bransfels (sp?), and I bet I'll make it down there eventually. It would be wicked awesome if I could hood up with you on the way.

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