Weekend Wrap-Up: August 22nd Services

This weekend was super different for me because I was not in our middle school services as usual. I did a skit with Ben Calmer in our North and South camus services. Here are a couple of lessons I learned while I was "gone."

  • The middle school team can THRIVE without me there and it's actually good for me and them for me to be out once in a while. I'm learning that good leadership means that things are better when I'm not there. They are also high caliber people who take ministry to youth very seriously. It's a blessing to have a team like that for MIDDLE SCHOOL aged youth. 
  • The Shoreline Church universe does not have lift _ jhi at the center of it. It's very easy to get tunnel vision when I'm in the jhi room from 7:30 am until 1:00 pm every Sunday. 
  • I got to peak my head into the elementary service for a second to observe and I learned a lot. I can do a much better job of learning from our children's pastor, Ken King. That guy is amazing!
  • My life is better/richer/fuller because of amazing leaders like Matthew Paul, Donna Bovee, Brandi Garza, Talyor Strauss, Daniel Johnson, Robby Moss, Kathryn Ball, Autumn Konopka, Lizi Strauss, Anthony Cacamissi, Jennifer Heggem, Kevin Wickham, Julissa Morgan, Valerie Niere, Sean and Crystal Rose and many others! 

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