Busted Stereotypes: Pastor Rob & Stuart Smalley.

Stuart Saves His FamilyLike most guys growing up in the mid 1990's I loved Saturday Night Live and the sketch, Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smally. As a "host" Stuart brilliantly belittled his famous guests. 

This famous sketch also made me balk at the idea of reciting daily affirmations to myself because I was too tough or too together for that sort of practice.

I've come full circle on this practice though thanks to My Pastor, Rob Koke. He shared some things that he writes in his journal every day. I never would have guessed that I'd work for a pastor of a mega-church in Texas! He's a fantastic leader, authentic, and poised. He's the best decision maker I've ever been around in ministry.  Marie and I have already been here for 5 years now and we are constantly aware that we're right where God wants us. The importance of his leadership in our lives cannot be overstated. Of all the things that he's shared to help us, these statements are a daily reminder of what's really important. Here they are.

I am loved by God.
I am a child of God.
I cannot earn God's love.
My value is not effected by my performance.
What God says about me is more important than what people say about me.
I perform for an audience of one. 
He equips.
He supplies.

I think these have morphed into the Shoreline Creed, but I still continue to draw strength from these truths.

What resources or truths do you draw strength from?


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