Weekend Wrap-Up: August 15th Services

Lesson: Pep Rally – Anthony Caccamisi taught the lesson. He knocked it out of the park. He will teach in jhi again for sure!
Lesson Length: 15 minutes. And HUDDLES at the end! As a response, we thought of people to invite to church. Then we wrote the names on a huge piece of paper while the band played, "Tear Down The Walls." it was a great moment.
Music: We had a full band. Robby Moss gets better every time he leads! I appreciate when guys step up like he has these past 8 months. It's been a pleasure to have him at my side!    
Tech:  We’ve trained many people back there and have all the spots filled. Consistency is difficult with high school leaders. 
Attendance: Average. There was more people than usual, but that’s normal for this time of year. .
Volunteer Involvement: Average. I’ve put a lot of effort into reorganizing our team. It’s working. Brandi 1st service and Donna 2nd service are blowing it up for me! I’m loosing Matthew Paul to his new job, but he’s going to get even more involved in LYA as a result, so that’s great! Met with Sean and Crystal Rose again between services and they are a huge support as well! Also, Daniel Johnson was sick...feel better dude!
Fun Factor: Average. Pastor Rob's rap video helped a lot.  I’ve added a lot more structure to what an MC does. We're also trying out a service order similar to the way Group does their services at work-camps.  The MC's also received a packet today. This packet contained all the games we are playing until Jan 2011!
Games Played: Saftey Dance. From Chad Swanzy's Youth Leader Stash. Super Fun!!!

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