Europe's Economic Protests May Be Contagious

Just read this article from NPR:

The global economic downturn is triggering strikes and protests in Europe, including a massive general strike in France and roadblocks by farmers in Greece. Economists say it could happen in the U.S., especially if unemployment worsens.

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Every day for the past few weeks, I've heard of a family in our church loosing a job or the parent of one of our youth loosing his or her job. In a bigger church, that isn't uncommon, but it's happening a lot more now and as youth workers, we need to be great at responding to this situation.


The Hanique's said...

Good point. As a fellow youth worker I wonder... what would be a good way to respond to this?

Mike Collins said...

I was trying to think of that as I posted yesterday.

Every weekend another 12-14 year old comes up to me wanting prayer because they are scared about their families money situation, mom or dad loosing their job.

Times are getting tough here, but Austin will be safer than most places in the states because of a lot of government jobs and a huge university, but we also have a lot of tech jobs.

I offer them hope. I keep my eyes open for other jobs, and try to reassure them that everything will be ok.

There are so many scriptures that point our dependence and hope to God. It's one thing to read those scriptures, it is another thing to LIVE them.

i'm gonna look up skype now. =)

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