25 Random Things: Why Keep Resisting?

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. All the coolest kids in my middle school were either Greek or African-American. So I used to lie all the time saying that my grandfather was black and that my mom was Greek.

2. I loved Michael Jordan until he won his first championship, then I'd root against him, then he retired, and now I like him again.

3. I hate cheesecake. HATE it.

4. My favorite city in the world is San Francisco, California. My second favorite city is Brussels, Belgium.

5. Much of what I've learned about leadership and working on a team came from drama club in high school.

6. I've changed my last name, twice.

7. The captain of the love boat came over to my house for lunch once. (true story)

8. My second grade class once took a field trip to see Richard Simmons on the Tammy Fae Bakker show. (another true story)

9.  My brother's-in-law are my truest-deepest-and best friends.

10. I've read every book in the Ender's Game Saga by Orson Scott Card.

11. I've taken seriously the study of English, Spanish, French, Tagalog (Philippino), Dutch, Ancient Greek, Japanese, and Ancient Hebrew. That doesn't mean I'm good at them! I think it just means I like starting big projects.

12. The best meal I've ever had was at a Portuguese restaurant in Macao off the southern coast of China. I can't remember the name of the dish or the restaurant. It is a meal I'll most likely never eat again.

13. My beloved sister is an amazing woman. She left the states around the age of 6 and grew up in the Netherlands.

14. Jimmy Williams, the former coach of the Boston Redsox and the Houston Astros used to coach my rec league basketball team. He saw me play baseball too. He told me to stick to basketball.

15. My favorite place to sleep is on an airplane. ipod with white noise playing, ear plugs underneath noise canciling headphones, neck pillow, eye guard, and a blanket over my head. Trust me, no one bothers me.

16. I was an extra in a movie that went to the Sundance Film Festival. You can see me for like 2 seconds...my 2 seconds of fame. I'm in the trailer too...for like a second.

17. I like my food so spicy that I sweat when I eat it.

18. I have a hard time keeping a pure and nonjudgmental heart and attitude towards people I feel are ignorant. I hate this part of me because I realize how hypocritical it is.

19. I believe with all my heart that Star Trek is better than Star Wars because of the deeper Mythology, and that Captain Benjamin Sisko is the best Star Trek Captain ever. I also like to make jokes about Earl McClellan looking like him.

20. I don't aspire to be a head pastor of a big church or any church.

21. I'd rather take a 14 hour flight than a 4 hour road trip.

22. I can disassemble old lawnmower engines, name all the parts, say what they do, and then put it back together again thanks to my 8th grade "Power and Transportation" class.

23. I'm pretty boring at home. I'm a forced extrovert, so when I come home, I crash. That means I fiercely guard my energy and pace myself during the day so that I can still give my wife and daughter my best focus.

24.Talking about politics gets me into trouble.
25.I always delete forwarded e-mails on site. I don't care what bad luck it will bring or what urgent thing I need to know. If the time can care to delete FW: and the headers of the 100 first people to forward the message, then it isn't worth my time. =)

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Fresh Dirt said...

dude, I had no idea that you had read Ender's Game... what an amazing book!

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