Today I had a chance to die to myself.

I showed our new youth room to someone I respect a lot. He wasn't feeling it. In the past this awkward interaction would've troubled me a great deal. I didn't get the vibes and recognition that I thought I deserved. His reaction was made personal because I've put so much time and creativity into the project.

Today, however, the interaction didn't throw me off too much. I know that I'm obeying God with the choices were making in there and it doesn't matter what people say or think about my decisions. This is especially true in the long run.

It sure is hard work taking a break from people pleasing. I wonder if I could get used to not pleasing people all the time.


Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

well, you certainly pleased j-hi with the new room. I think it's great that you invested the energy to create an experience that gets kids excited for church, and I appreciate that.

And I'm not just saying that because there's a gumball machine in there.

Toby said...

Mike - came upon your blog in search of other U2 fans. You've got some thoughtful stuff here. I loved the piece on the youth room, and, given that I am a first time dad to an 8 month old baby girl, could related to your future fatherly musings as well. Get ready for an amazing ride.
As a fellow youth pastor, I'd be curious to get your reactions to both my website - www.booksandbridges.com which talks about a book I've recently published on faith and rock music. I'm also doing some blogging on the future (if there is one) for the Church. Check that out at http://faith4tomorrow.blogspot.com Keep up the good work! Toby Jones

Diandra said...

This is something that God has really challenged me on literally this last week!

I think a lot of time as youth pastors we feel we have somethign to prove to the people in "real" ministry and so we do things that make them happy...

I know that God is doing REAL ministry in my youth group, and sometimes for that to happen I have to stop making people happy and focus on what God wants instead!

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