A week ago I was awakened to the wonderful world of records. My friend bough me a real record player on craig's list and the first album I've ever known is U2's "The Unforgettable Fire." I know our Fuller Seminary rapid reading instructions tell us that music impairs us from reading well, and  know the instructions are correct. Some habits are hard to break, but I'm glad I didn't. 

     While reading Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership I find myself repeatedly setting the book down because the lyrics and tones of the songs intersect perfectly with what I'm reading. It is too much of what my soul needs to be a coincidence. The album's title just hit me! "The Unforgettable Fire!!!"

     Rock and Roll may not be your cup of tea, but I thought I'd share my experience because I feel like I'm so good at sharing the struggles I have, especially with my friends in ministry and at Fuller. At times I fear I'm too honest. The image manager inside my soul kicks in and I wonder if everyone thinks I'm a "downer." These past two weeks have seen major times of renewal in my family, professional, and soul life. 

  • Marie and I are finding "the new normal" with two kids instead of one.
  • Conflict and Crisis at work doesn't take the emotional toll on me like it used to. 
  • I'm having personal time with God more regularly again. I even dusted off my personal rule of life (from my first Fuller class) and set up a reminder for the doc to automatically pop up in my outlook calendar at the appropriate intervals. My soul is feeding for the first time in a long while.
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Joshua Nador said...

This is great stuff, Mike. The honesty flows from the heart which is longing for reality.
-Joshua Nador

The Hanique's said...

I loved reading this post. I like that you're so honest and I don't think that there is such a thing as being TOO honest. To me it's a sign of strength if you're able to open up and put yourself in a vulnerable position.
I'm also glad to read that there's renewal going on in different areas of your life. It's not good for a person to stay in their comfort zone all of the time.

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