Update: I have a new job

Things have been busy around the office lately. Our church has been moving people around to position our staff for the next season of ministry. We're starting a West Campus and our South Campus is moving into a permanent building location.

Our high school youth pastor, Ben Calmer moved up to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to take a fantastic ministry opportunity. I deeply miss him. He's one of my truest and best friends as well as some one I deeply respect. We did ministry together for five years and there is no way I can begin to articulate what I learned from him in the area of youth ministry.

I'll be adding his responsibilities to my own. So that leaves Marie and I with 6-12th grade groups of Shoreline Church's youth and Shoreline Leadership College. It's a little disorienting ministering to the 12 year olds on Sunday and adults 18-65ish on Monday, but it's really fun!

In addition to our new responsibilities, I officially began Fuller Seminary's MAGL program two weeks ago and we're expecting our second child in July. Every thing seems to be happening at once.

How do you balance your time between your family, job, and personal developement? I'm open for suggestions!

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Patrick Linstrom said...

Congratulations Mike on starting at Fuller. Mike Brown, a friend of mine, is about to finish their M-Div program (4.0...that nerd:). I grew up at Shoreline and finished my M-Div at Baylor a little over a year ago. I'll be praying for you and your family during this transition. Keep your head up and look forward to all the the things God has in store for you.

God Bless,
Patrick Linstrom

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