My first Hendrickson FCA

One of the healthiest things going in our youth group at the moment is a group of young people at Hendrickson High School. There are a number of fantastic things going on, but I just came from Hendrickson, so that's why I'm singling them out.

They led the praise and worship and discussion time. I mostly "sat on the doorsteps" and was so grateful that they invited me in! It was so encouraging to see this group share openly and honestly about real struggles that they are going through. They ministered to each other and it was powerful. Tears were shed and laughs were shared.

It reminded me that even youth growing up in the suburbs have real pain and baggage to deal with even if they look like everything is all together on the outside. We all have hurts don't we?

I was also encouraged by the tone of the meeting. It was authentic without getting over emotional. It was youth led, but adults were still in the loop. Tonight reminded me that I'm doing exactly what God made me to do.

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