Shoreline Leadership College Expands: Learn how you can be apart. Enrolling now for Fall 2010!!

Now more than ever we as a church and community need quality leaders to be entrusted with fresh vision, renewed purpose and Godly diligence to be leaned upon for significant ministry both here at Shoreline, and all over the community/world at large.  

On September 13th classes will begin which are specifically designed for emerging, up and coming leaders of Shoreline, entitled Shoreline Leadership College’s Part Time Program.   Please forward this information to any emerging or prospective leader and your leadership team, who feels called to impact our world, and their world, for the loving and life changing gospel message of Jesus Christ!!!

SLC Provides
  • Essential training necessary for impacting and engaging ministry of all calibers
  • Curriculum designed to sharpen and enhance leaders right where they are already ministering/serving
  • Guest speakers ministering on riveting and essential topics essential to fulfill their calling
  • Networking and relationship building with other leaders from other Shoreline Leadership Teams
  • Structure, Guidance, and Design to the leadership path of anyone wanting to grow deeper in their overall leadership development.

It’s 10 weeks long. It costs$199. We do have scholarships available. The requirements: attend 2 classes on Monday night (7:00 PM – 8:00 PM & 8:00-9:00 PM), lead or assist with a small group, serve at a service, and go to one outreach per month. Sign up at http://shoreline.net/leadershipcollege.

We’re so excited to play a part in our church community’s mission to raise up leaders that will impact the world for the overwhelming love of Jesus Christ.

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The Hanique's said...

I realize this is meant for Shoreline attending people. But if it were not just targeting Shoreline members, maybe an online class would be nice too. I know at least 1 person that would sign up :)

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