Weekend Wrap-Up: July 25th Service

Race This!: 10 " Dot Race " Style Tracks Designed to Engage and Involve Your Students (Race This!)Game: Above Average

Today we actually planed two games. One was a freebee from simply youth called "Race This" that we experienced at Group Work Camps last week. This game was effective for 12-14 year olds. It takes a lot to get people awake during our 8:30 AM service, and Race This did the trick.

The second was a classic youth ministry game called "Human Hearding" that we found at Chad Swanzy's blog/site called the youth leader stash.  This game was perfect at getting people to mingle around a little bit. It was a little intimidating for the 6th graders, so I will rethink when we will play this sort of game again and how we introduce it so it doesn't overwhelm and isolate anyone again.

Lesson: Above Average
We focused on the Prodigal Son Story found in Luke 15. We carried this over from the mission trip theme of God's undeserved love for humanity. We had one of our young people read the story and two more share their testimonies of seeing God's unexpected, extravagant love for them and others!

Lesson Length: Under 20 Minutes

Volunteer Involvement: Average

Fun Factor: Above Average

Overall: Above Average


The Hanique's said...

Could you please explain the games to us? We have a hard time keeping our teens awake on Sunday morning!

Mike Collins said...

I'd be happy to explain the games to you! I'll also bring you some great files when we come over in October. They will be great for your group.

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