Weekend Wrap-Up: July 11th Service

Lesson: When God doesn’t give you what you want.
Lesson Length: 12 minutes. And we added break out sessions that we'll call, "HUDDLES" at the end of the lesson. We're officially launching a small group type element in all of our middle school services on August 29th. We'll take the rest of the summer to train and work through the bugs until we have our grand opening for the fall. 
Music: We had a full band. Robby led for the first time and I am so proud of him. What a pure heart that comes through when he leads!  
Attendance: Average. As always, things that are healthy are not always big. jhi is growing in health every single week, from leadership team, youth, and their families too! We had a big first service, which was an anomaly for this time of year.
Volunteer Involvement: Average. We've put a lot of effort into reorganizing our team because we lots some key leaders. These amazing leaders transitioned out of our ministry for different reasons.. some t to pursue carriers in other states etc etc.  All the reorganization is working. New leaders are stepping up in the empty spots! More kids lives are getting touched, communication with parents and  our ability to serve new students is improving! The love of volunteer leaders is defiantly spread out to many of them.
Fun Factor: Above Average for WHOLE SERVICE. 
Games Played: Ninja Feet provided by Chad Swanzee's website!

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