Tuesday afternoon update time!

In a word, this experience has been, "beautiful." This is the kind of week I got into youth ministry for. Our parents of Shoreline youth should be so proud of their kids! They have served, encouraged, acted, worshiped, prayed, and reached out like never before!

Today I had the privilege of leading a 15 year old girl from Dallas in surrendering her heart to Jesus. Her heart is so open to God. As we were painting our resident's living room, the young lady turned and asked, "so, how do I get saved?" After a brief moment of pushing aside the urge to explain the theological ramifications of her question, I said through blurry tear eyes, "let's pray." (I'm such a sap!!!)

Shoreline, your kids are shining brightly among these 400 missionaries! We have Methodists, Lutherans, Catholic Christians, Baptists and every where in between! Its beautiful to see our youth sprinkled all over the auditoriums and work sites worshipping with the others gathered here.

Get ready for some AMAZING testimonies! There are already too many to list here.

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