I'm Back With Bike Thoughts

I promised a thought or two about a recent spill I took while cycling Saturday night.

A little background: 

Recently some good friends began upgrading their bikes. That's good news for me because I got their hand-me-downs. They gave me nice pedals that clip onto special bike shoes. The first few rides with the new pedals felt counter intuitive because I am not in the habit of attaching myself at the feet to moving objects. The transition was not difficult though and before long I was clipping in and out with no problem.

My Progress:

It's only 5 or so miles to work from my house. That means I get to and from my commute in 20 minutes or so when considering traffic lights. My new pedals and shoes help shave off a precious few minutes off of my morning and afternoon rides because now I can pull up on the pedals as well as push down.

The Lesson:

In the several months since using my new pedals, I have only fallen twice. The most recent of which was a couple of days ago. I was exploring a park I've never been to. I was ridding through the park, not sure where I was going or where the train would end. I was smelling honey suckle, observing how green everything seemed, and listening to the birds. Before I knew it there was no more trail. While still on my back, disoriented, rocks poking me, I thought "there is a lesson in here somewhere."

So here is what I have so far. I think it is interesting that I've never fallen while moving. I've been on busy roads, dealt with traffic lights that changed quickly, and even had my handlebars fall off while still managing a safe upright stop. However, if I'm distracted, not committed to the direction I'm going, or just spaced out, I fall. Hard.

This reminded me of the many times in scripture when God's people are instructed to go or move. Abraham was told to "go to a place that I will show you." Moses was instructed to help set G-d's people free. Many others received similar instructions. In the book of James, the author instructs readers to let God's grace and mighty works motivate them to action...movement. I know that the Psalms instruct peole to "be still and know that I am God." The idea of movement is does not cancel out stillness. These ideas must be held in tension and compliment each other. I can't use the Psalm as an excuse to sit on my back side, and waste away. When it comes to the will of God, depending on Him, and partnering with what He's doing in the world, I want to give Jesus something to work with.

Are you making an important decision? Are you searching to find "the will of God?" Have you prayed about it? Did you get input from wise people? If so, go! Move! Put yourself out there. Do something! Our Father, in heaven will direct you, give you wisdom, nudge you, guide you, and get you where you need to go.

Looking forward.

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The Hanique's said...

Yeah! He's back! And what a nice comeback it is :)
Thanks for the wake up call man.

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