A Little Letter to Ella


Today your Dadd-da was awake before you stirred. He was dressed and out the door before you cried out. He went to teach young teenagers about Jesus. Not sure if they heard.

When he got home, you were already napping. You were fast asleep. He couldn't stay awake until your late lunch because he was up late the night before preparing to. teach. He heard you chatter to Mommy as you ate spaghetti, veggies, and pirate's booty. However he couldn't rouse himself from slumber.
When he awoke it was off to work/church again to save souls and recruit for colleges. You sweetly sat in your supper seat sipping from your cup. He said "night night" and that was it. He saw you next asleep slumbering in your crib.

How did a day pass by without a book read together, a giggle shared, or a cuddle savored? He prays with all his being that this day will count for something bigger. That an advance for Jesus' kingdom was made. For as he looks upon you sleeping, he's aware that he missed out on your day.

You are an angel. Even at one, you exhibit patience, joy, peace, long suffering, and creativity. You helped Daddy this weekend so much more than you know. Ella, you have his blessing as much as he can show. He's proud of you more than you can know.

His newest vow to you is to be present. No college, job, or church crisis shall supersede you. G-d, your Mommy, and You shall come before all. That's a promise he can keep. Thanks for being flexible beyond all reasonable expectations. Daddy knows a thing or two about that. Mommy and Daddy will ask it of you again, but please know we don't make such requests lightly.

Ella I pray that your life, like your name will shine brightly.

May you know your heavenly father's love for you and take your identity from that. May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine down upon you. The Lord be gracious to you. The Lord lift His countenance upon you.
In Jesus name...Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn. =)

Help yourself to her life, Lord. Use her for your glory. Cover our weakness, Father because on our own, mommy and daddy do poorly.


Andy and Steff said...

This has me in tears, Mike. Oh, how I know that empty feeling of lost moments - whether they are few or many in a day. You are an awesome father to recognize how precious they are.

Definitely print this out and put it in Ella's baby book! She will treasure it always once she is old enough to understand it.

Sending love & prayers your way!

scoffer said...

I've often wondered if I was the only dad in the world you despairs over lost moments with my yound daughter. Beating myself up if I over sleep or rush through the day too fast in order to run errands and be at work on time. Lately I've noticed myself always rushing through life as if the finish line is just around the corner. Then I realize that life was not meant to rush through but to be enjoyed. Though I can't control time - I can control how I choose to spend it. My daughter is growong up so fast. It's a bitter sweet combination. One day they're babies in your arms totally dependant. Then they're grown fighting for independance anywhere they can. I'm thankful she still needs me to do somethings. Yet I know one day even those will be gone too. Isn't it funny how God blesses his children to have children of their own. I've learned just as much from my daughter as she has from me. Lessons of patience, forgiveness and love. In fact my understanding of our heavenly Father's love for me has deepened through my love for my daughter. I would give anything for her, even my own life. If that's not God's love then I don't know what is. Thanks Mike - you're not alone!

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