A Short Reflection

"Is our quest for justice a way of expressing our grief?" -Father Sirico
A brief look around the world gives the observer an overwhelming felling that something is not right. Father Sirico notes the paradoxical nature of the human condition by pointing out our hunch that we were created to live forever paired with the brokeness that surrounds us. Some people try to do something about that brokeness. What motivates that urge? Particularly, what motivates that urge in a person who is not consciously surrendered to Christ?

Could it be that our destiny and a deep understanding of who we really are motivates acts of justice? Could there be a deeper connection between the creator and His creation that overlaps when it comes to making wrong things right?


Oghenero Otite said...

The feeling of Justice in us is alright as long as it is not motivated by the feeling of hatred or revenge. When you feel someone who wronged you--say a robber, should go to jail for a period of time so as to get the opportunity for reflection and thus change for the better and when you see such incarceration as protection for the rest of society for the period pending his change, you are alright before God. If on the other hand you feel an urge to make him suffer; to feel some sort of pain to compensate for the pain he caused you, then you cannot be right before God.

Hence the urge for justice can be right or wrong depending on what motivates it.

REMEMBER satan is ever present, driving you to hate, to take revenge, to cause pain.

Where then is Love? Where, the admonition by Christ to love thy neighbor as thyself; to forgive others their sin against you; to love your enemies?

The Justice of God is sure, but it is one with Love. It is not meant to inflict suffering, but to mould the human being into a better creature. One that can eventually make it back home to eternal bliss in Heaven. The Justice of God is thus for the good of man.

The justice of man should therefore be directed towards benefiting his fellow men. Our ultimate goal is Heaven.

Be careful then that you do not call revenge, justice. They are not the same.


kurt bennett said...

I think that, because we were made in God's image, we have an inherent desire for justice, believer and nonbeliever alike. The exception being the sociopath.

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