Receiving the Gift

Luke 2:8-14

Today Pastor Rob used this text in his sermon. He highlighted the words of the Angel, in particular. "...good news, great joy...for everybody" If the message of Jesus' birth is supposed to give life and peace, why are so many people stressed out?

This message struck a chord with me. I don't suffer from "Christmas Stress Syndrome," but I do feel the bustle of the season. There are expectations to meet, stuff to buy, and extra energy to put out (Christmas cards etc. . These symptoms happen most often when my focus gets shifted off of the reason we are really celebrating.

May you, this day get a glimpse of a G-d that is bent TOWARD His children. When you are decorating, filling our cards, and going from party to party, may you be reminded of a savior that, "put on flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood." (John 1)

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