Leadership Thought: Don't Flake Out

This week's leadership thought came from a common theme in my conversations this week. I noticed the fight in my life and in the lives of others against the tenancy to coast through the last several weeks of the calendar year. It seems that many people get into a "Christmas Mode" and take it easy. Not that I'm against rest, it's just easy to let important stuff slide in the name of YULE. If I'm not careful, I'll let my health go, eat extra cookies, skip workouts because it's colder, and to forget a time with God or three. There is a dangerously sneaky that that can creep into all our lives that would have us believe, "I'm done for the year. I'll start everything up again in January."

Earlier this week it occurred to me that it would be much better to begin 2010 strong instead of digging myself a hole from which I'd expend massive amounts of emotional, physical, and spiritual energy attempting to pry myself out of...quite literally if I eat those stinkin' cookies! So I'm starting now.

Don't get me wrong. Breaks are great! Catch sabbath moments when appropriate, but I'm not going to tank the rest of my year just because it's Christmas time and it's fun to be cozy. There is too much at stake. My family needs me to be present for them, not a lump on the couch. My church community still needs attention. There are college kids coming home from there first semester and tons of projects cooking for 2010. My body and soul still need attention. I don't want to check out and disconnect with God just because there are dozens of Hallmark Christmas movies on our DVR. What a great time to spend extra time with Jesus by our firepit in the back yard!

Please don't take this post as a guilt trip. I just want to remind you that life is precious and to glean all you can from this holiday season. Don't forsake meeting with those you love, your church, and your God. They need you and God has a plan for you that doesn't finish in mid December. Start new healthy habits now! You can also surrender some unhealthy ones too. It only takes 21 days right? How great would it be to start the new year on the run?

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