weekend wrap-up

Volunteers: This was a bit of a wild weekend because of some volunteer absences. We still don't have enough team members to cover more than one or two people being gone in a weekend. We get more youth workers each weekend, so that trend is changing, but it all hit at once first service. One of our guys was gone, another transitioned to second service only, and a third had to go away this weekend at the last minute. This weekend I tried on a new behavior. I asked for help from other staff members and they sent over some young adults to help out and they knocked it out of the ball park! We also have a new service coordinator, Jessica who is on fire. She's doing so well pouring into our volunteers and keeping us in the right places doing the right things so we can focus on unvieling God's love to the young people He's trusted us with.

Lesson: First week of our series called "Big." We're going to go over the big stories in the Bible for the next few weeks. The lesson time was around 20 minutes. I will ask someone to time it next week, so I can be in that sweet spot of 20-25 minutes. We had a ministry time after the lesson and the teens showed a high level of participation. It's great to see youth engage in worship music, especially young teenagers. So sweet.

Songs: We tried a new song and our kids jumped right in. We also added Alyssa into the band mix on acoustic guitar. I love it when we have guys and girls in the band. It's such a good statement that music and playing an instrument isn't just a guy thing. Girls can certainly do more than sing and play the keyboard.

Health: Right now I would say that our services are on the road to health. Lately we've been focused on raising up leaders and creating a thriving small group culture. Discipleship and small groups are more important than services in my opinion, but that doesn't mean our services should be unhealthy. The good news is that G-d showed up despite a few bumps in the road. We have the best kids and the best leaders in the world and I can't wait to see what God does with them this fall!
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