I just got a message via facebook about this discussion going on with Fuller's Youth and Family institute. A mission trip with lift is going to happen some day, but that doesn't mean that we should jump into the first thing that comes along. A short term mission trip changed my life for sure. I am grateful that the work I did supported the local people groups that I was working with and did not center on me or my team. When lift does go on missions, I want to make sure that we are assisting the local church in whatever place we go to and that our youth have their perspectives challenged and broadened.

Check out the link below and contribute to the discussion.

1. Materialism and Missional Living Post-Trip:
Many of us have returned from mission trips with kids who vow to be less materialistic and live on/consume less stuff. Then next week happens and they’re back to their old patterns and lifestyle. What effective strategies have you seen work in helping kids’ drive away from materialism stick beyond the STM experience?

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