Ella and Shoreline East

For the past two months, Ella comes with me to Shoreline East. Shoreline East is our outreach to East Austin homeless and less fortunate communities. Marie and I want Ella to grow up around outreach and community service organizations. We hope she grows up thinking that it's normal to do those sorts of things and not some sort of spiritual badge of honor. Bringing hope to people should be a way of life, it should be the kind of person she is.

It's been interesting to see the guests react to her. Most are men from the near by "ARCH" area, where the Salvation Army and Hope for the Homeless are located. She smiles at them and they light up. She'll coax a story out of them about their kids or grand kids. She really does open up great conversation and I always make sure to ask, "is there anything Ella and I can pray with you about?" I ask, knowing full well that her prayers are more effective than mine!

Today, one of the guests came up with a little gift for her. It was a humbling experience. This guy named Cuzz came up to her with the brightest expression through his long and neatly trimmed goatee. He was holding a bright turquoise elephant with yellow tusks. Even though sleepy, Ella looked at it gratefully and stuck it in her mouth. It was one of those moments full of irony. I went hoping to brighten some person's day. I spent time with Jesus and was blessed instead.
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